Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pittsburgh Penguins!!

Woo Hoo!! Hockey is back and the Penguins are going to be strong again!

The Owners and Players have finally agreed on a Collective Bargaining Agreement and the NHL will be back again in October of 2005. I was very annoyed about this whole thing last year and I made some comments about not following the sport as much when they come back, but I am officially announcing that those statements were made in a moment of anger and are false.

I am really excited about the new season and can't wait till I have something other than basketball to watch over the winter. And now that the Pens have the first pick in the hockey draft this weekend, they can pick the Canadian phenom who has been likened "The Next One" in honor of Gretzkey and Lemieux. Add the Pens second pick from last years draft to the team, and we could see a flashback to the Lemieux - Jagr years!! Let's GO Pens!!

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