Friday, July 22, 2005

Softball Injuries...

Its kind of ironic. I have been racing mountian bikes the last 6 weeks or so, probably having ridden well over 100 miles. They haven't been the hardest trails I have ridden, but they definitely weren't very basic either. I have also been playing softball about twice a week. Last Thursday I got a scare that I had jammed my finger and was worried about my race on Sun., but it was ok and didn't cause any problems. Well, now that all of my mtn. bike races are over for the season, at least the ones I can make it too, I injured myself in our softball game last nght. We were playing down 1 female, which means that every time through the order, we get an automatic out. It was almost the last inning of the game and we were down by a bunch. We weren't completely distraught though, because we scored 7 runs in the second inning.

I hit a nice shot over second base for a single. Then the next batter had what I thought was a nice hit, right past the 2nd basewoman. Well, she made an unbelievable play to get the ball and get back toward 2nd base to tag me out as I was going in. Well, there was grass all over the infield, except right where 2nd base was. My knee and shin went down and scraped right across the dirt. It didn't feel too bad until the next inning when I went back out to my position at 3rd. Now it is pretty gross looking and hurts a bit. As I said, very ironic that after all the "dangerous" mtn. biking that I have been doing, going over roots and logs and rocks, I end up tearing up my knee on the National Mall!


And on another note, I just wanted to mention that I saw Wedding Crashers last week when it opened and I thought it was hilarious!! I highly reccomend it to anyone! I really want to see it again too, I always miss things the first time through a movie. But if you haven't seen it, make that the next movie you watch!!

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