Monday, July 25, 2005

Volleyball - Pool - Party

The first weekend that I spent ALL weekend in DC this summer was a fun, relaxing time. I was going to pack in a little bit of tri training, but I decided that I would make this a total rest weekend. I played volleyball, swam a little bit, and did some keg lifts getting it to the house. And who could forget a little beer pong!

We headed to the volleyball court with about 12 or so of us at about 4:00 on Sat. afternoon. We had a nice big cooler of beer and a great sand volleyball court in a development not too far from me. I think we played about 4 games, with the last one being 2 on 2. That is really hard. It is much easier with 6 or 7 on a side!

Once people were hot enough, sandy enough, or just plain sick of volleyball, we headed back to Windgate to get in the pool, play some beer pong, or start grilling some food. About 10 of or so of us were at the pool between about 7-7:15. There weren't a very many other people there, so we were the majority. Well, in my opinion, we weren't doing anything too outrageuos or being too obnoxious, we were just swimming and attempting to play Marco Polo! Well, I think the lifeguards have something against me because they were upset that I had so many guests at the pool when you are only allowed 2 on the weekends.

They told me that everyone but me and 2 others had to leave. I said we weren't being disruptive and there weren't many people there, not to mention that the pool was closing in about 30 min. They said they were going to call the cops if we didn't leave. Well, we didn't leave, so about 10 minutes later, in walk about 4 cops. They told me that since they were called out here, that we had to leave and that I should take it up with my board if I had issues. I asked him if we were being disruptive or if we had done something wrong, and all he said was that we weren't following the guest policy. It really pissed me off, and it was such a waste of time for the cops, who I am sure had better things to do. But that just keeps the tradition of cops coming to my parties alive! I think we are at 5 and counting now.

After that, the night becomes more and more of a blur. We did use the video camera to document some of it though. It is pretty entertaining. Al was very funny and I was so tired that I fell asleep in one of the chairs while people were playing beer pong. I am sure that all the others at the party have more to add to this, but I had a great time, and I wasn't too hung over on Sunday morning. I spent the afternoon sitting at the pool, and I am happy to say, I did not get kicked out then!


Alison said...

Al was very funny

Aww, gee thanks.

Poor Mini Little E, he's never going into the deep end with Tyler again :-)

Anonymous said...

i came here for updates. where are the updates? what the hell do you do at work if you don't update your blog?

poor mini little e.