Friday, July 15, 2005

W@W and EX2

I have been racing in a Wednesday night mtn. bike race series for the last month to prepare for my upcoming off-road Tri. It is at Rocky Gap State Park in MD this coming weekend. It is an XTERRA Series race, sponsored by a great group from the DC area, EX2 Adventures. The W@W (Wednesday's at Wakefield) has been a fun little adventure that's close to home and very convenient. I have been right about in the middle of the pack for the 3 races that we have had so far. The last one is on the 20th. I am hoping to break into the top 20, we'll see how it goes. It has definitely helped me prepare for this weekends race.

Now, on to the Tri. I am a little nervous about the open water swim portion of it, but supposedly there are only about 130 signed up so far. So when all the waves are spread out, I don't think I will be kicked or clawed too much. It is also 2 laps of 0.375 miles, so I think that will be a bit easier than a full 0.75 miles all together.

I did a nice little run this morning to make sure I am all ready for that. We did about 5 miles at a 9:00 minute pace, so now i just need to add roots, rocks, and other obstacles and I'll be all set to go. M friend Paul and I are both racing and we are heading up there tomorrow afternoon to register and to preview the course so that we aren't going into it blind. I will have a nice race report next week sometime!