Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Advancing in the Playoffs!

After 2 weeks straight of rain delays, which corresponded perfectly with my work trip to Norfolk, we finally had the first round of the playoffs for my non-GW softball team. I was a little worried about the game though, since we were ranked 7th and we were playing the 2nd place team. We did have momentum though, after winning the last 2 games of the season.

I got to the field pretty early and Will was there too. There was a team playing before us that was getting killed, and they only had 7 players, so Will and I volunteered to play with them. It would be a good warm-up for me since I hadn't played in 2 weeks. After that game was over, our team only had 7 players there, but the opponents only had 6. According to the ump, there need to be a minimum of 7 players to even start the game, so were were winning already!

They eventually got 7 and we had 9, so it was time to start the game! We took the home side since they just barely had enough players. The first inning didn't start out so well. You could tell that we were rusty, because we had some bad throws that allowed people to get on and score, allowing 4 runs. However, we got a few runs in the first, and then shut them down at the top of the second. Then it was our time to shine, we scored a bunch in the 2nd and 3rd to go up 10-4.

However, in the top of the last inning, we went back to our sloppy ways, with some bad plays by me, and let them score 5 to make it 10-9 with only 1 out. Eventually we got another out, but had runners at first and second. A fre plays earlier, I missed a diving catch behind second base, and with 2 outs, there was a high pop up, again behind second base, I got under it nicely, called for it, and made a perfect catch to end the game and advance to the semi-final game next Tuesday!! I was really happy that I was able to play and that we won. Go Bin's Wangs!!

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