Wednesday, August 31, 2005


At first I wasn't sure who to be upset with, the Steelers for not giving him an extension over the summer, or Hines for holding out of training camp. Now I can say that I am officially "super fly pissed" at the Steelers for taking things this far. After two weeks of making it clear that Hines wants to remain a Steeler for life, he decided to come back to training camp and continue negotiations for an extension.

He is taking a fairly big risk here, in that he could potentially get hurt, and not have a contract past this year. To me, that shows a commitment to the Steelers, much like he has shown his whole career with them. I feel like the Steelers have an obligation to work out a deal with him. This situation does not make me happy, because I believe that Hines is due compensation for his great attitude and presence on the team. There is only 1 week left before the season begins, at which point they will not negotiate anymore. I hope the Steelers have a wake-up call and get their ass in gear!!! 86 lives on!

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