Saturday, August 20, 2005

Norfolk / VA Beach

For the last 2 weeks I have been in Norfolk and VA Beach for a class for work. It was a class where I learned all about the construction office operations for Naval Facilities. It was a lot of review information for me because I have been in several of the offices for about 2 years already. However, before I become a full time Project Manager and get my own big projects, my supervisor wanted me to have the formal training. The class was 80 hours long and went from 8:00 to 4:30 each day. There were a number of days that we got out of class early though. Most of the first week was full days, but the second week we got out early!

Since the weather was nice the second week, I got to spend a lot of time sitting at the beach. I think that out of the last 7 days I was there, I went to the beach 6 of them. It was great! I swam a little bit, but should have bought a boogie board. The water wasn't the cleanest, but the waves were pretty good. I saw a bunch of people surfing and boogey boarding. It was nice just to be there. I was able to relax and finish a book that I have been reading for a while!! I was very excited about that, because it was the Buffett book, A Salty Piece of Land. I really enjoyed the book, it was definitely a nice escape from the world.

I was fortunate enough that another intern, Jason, was down there for the summer at a rotation, and he was renting a house. Despite the fact that it was sparsely furnished, and I had to sleep on an Aero Bed, it was a much better option than the barracks that I could have been stuck with. Another intern, Erin, was taking the class also, so she stayed with us as well. We had a good time going out to some of the bars. My favorite, except that it was dead both nights that we went, was Crocodile Rocks, a dueling piano bar. The annoying part of the bar though is that to request a song, you better have some money ready to give them.

The weekend that I was down there, AD. came down from DC for a visit. We had the fun task of sharing a really small air-mattress. It was not the most comfortable thing in the world. Especially for 2 people. On Sat. we went to the beach and did some reading, good old 17 magazine and People that we picked up at 7-11, and we went for a fun swim in the ocean. The rip-tide was pretty strong that day and we moved about 100 yards down the beach from where we got in to where we got out. That night we went to the main very tacky! strip of VA Beach. We went to a restaurant that was right on the boardwalk and had a nice dinner before meeting the others at a bar called Peppermint Beach Club, but yet it wasn't on the beach... Then after AD. left on Sun., I went back to the beach for some more sun and sand!

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