Monday, August 29, 2005

The Steelers and my Fantasy Team

I was very disappointed by the performance that the Steelers put on for me on Friday night. I was expecting big things, thinking that this would be the game that the offense would break out and finally get some touchdowns. I know that the Skins have a pretty good defense, but so do the Steelers! I don't know what is going on with the team. The defense started out really strong with my boy Tasmanian Devil getting a pick-off for a touchdown!! I am hoping that he has an even bigger season this year. At least it is just the pre-season and we have one more game against the Panthers, in which we can roll over them to get our confidence going!

I am excited for my fantasy team this year, even though I am not too happy with my picks. It is a long season, so I am hoping that I can get some good pick-ups off the waiver wire to replace my hurried last minute decisions from the draft. I have the hardest time picking people when I only have a minute and a half to decide on someone who I have never heard of! Oh well, it'll be a fun year, unless I lose a lot.

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