Friday, August 26, 2005

Steelers - Skins!!

Thanks to a number of years on the waiting list for Redskins season tickets by Hillson, I get a chance to go see the 3rd, and arguably most important, Pre-season game of the year against the Steelers! I know it is just pre-season, but I am really pumped up for football season. Since the Nats are fading and the Pirates have been faded for a while, it is time to focus my energy on the hard hitting Steelers! No word on a contract extension on Hines yet, but at least he is out there giving it his all for the team. I admire him for that. All he wants to do is make sure that he can retire a Steeler!
Here we go Steelers, Here we GO!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Go Steelers!