Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Weekend in Cashiers, NC

The last weekend in July I went down to NC for a long weekend with my parents, sister, and the dogs. I left on a Friday morning about 11 after packing everything up in the car and getting all the dogs stuff ready for their month at camp with my parents. I was taking my motorcycle this weekend, so that added to the stuff that I had to load and the time that the trip would take. However, I am really glad that I took it, because it has been a while since I had been on it on some awesome roads like the ones down there. In fact, it had been about a year, since the big group of us from DC went to Cashiers for a fun filled weekend last August.

This weekend was pretty relaxing. On Sat. my dad and I mtn. biked in a place called Panthertown, while my mom walked with the dogs. We met up for lunch at the top of Blackrock mtn. There had been a lot of rain lately and the trail was really wet. We hadn’t been to Panthertown for about a year and a half, and there had been a lot of erosion since then. The trail was a bit different and a little more challenging. When we got back from there, I decided that despite the rain in the area, I would go for a motorcycle ride anyway, since I brought it the whole way. The roads were a little wet, but not too bad, and I had a fun ride! I went for about 45 minutes.

That night B came in from DC and we took our cousins out to dinner in town and then came home and watched a movie, while it thunder stormed outside. The next day we decided we were going to go for a longer motorcycle ride, but the weather wasn’t all that great when we woke up and we kept pushing it off. Mom, Dad, and B decided to go for a hike while I went for a ride. It was actually a pretty good ride, despite a little traffic and some wet roads, but no major rain.

Then on Monday we went to the lake to do some boating. It wasn’t the nicest day, but better than the last 2. We had some lunch near our usual waterfall spot and then we laid out in the sun and listened to the Pirates – Braves game. About the time we were going to go skiing, it started to sprinkle, so we high-tailed it to a better part of the lake where there was no rain, and I skied. It was probably the best skiing that I have done in a long time, if not ever. I felt very smooth and very good. It was awesome. I decided not to wakeboard after that because I didn’t want to ruin my great skiing performance.

That afternoon after going to the lake, Dad, B, and I went out for a nice motorcycle ride. It was the longest of the 3 days and was a lot of fun. I definitely think it was worth the extra time and gas to take my bike down to Cashiers this weekend. Then I headed back on Tuesday and made it back to DC in time to play my softball game that night!!

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