Thursday, September 01, 2005

2nd Place Team!!!

Who would have thought, that after dropping the first 4 or 5 games that we played this season, the Bin's Wangs team would make it all the way to play in the Championship Game!!

I was very impressed with the team winning our first playoff game last week, but we stepped it up a notch and hammered on the ACA team for the semi-final game. Since we were the lowest seed left in the playoffs, we were automatically the visitors, but that didn't stop us! We started off the first inning with 4 runs and kept piling them on until we had 16. We did let them score 4, but a good defensive game nonetheless.

What we thought were jokes after the semi-final game, about saving some of our scoring for the champ game, actually turned out to be true. The Champions beat us 8-0, but the fact we made it to compete in this game was the best part about it. That team was the first team we played this season, where they destroyed us. They had 2 girls and a lot of big, slow running, power hitters. But they can run as slowly as they want if they hit the ball all the way to Constitution Ave. Out of the 4 innings that we played, we held them to 0 runs in one of those innings and we got 3 outs on them every inning, never having to use the 5 run rule. Overall, it was a good game, despite us not scoring.

Congratulations to Bins' Wangs for their hard work, good playing, and great attitudes!! It was a fun season and I am looking forward to another one in the future.

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