Thursday, September 08, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

To start off Labor Day Weekend, I went back to Pittsburgh to spend a few days at home with Mom and Dad. I was also supposed to pick up the doggies, who were on a LONG summer vacation with my parents, but my Mom decided that they were having too much fun in our backyard running around, so they stayed. I will be getting them at the end of the month though. :) It has been a while since I had to take care of them, I might have forgotten how!

I came back to DC on Sat. afternoon and then went to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin with AD. I thought it was really funny, but the waxing part was sooo painful. I can totally understand how he felt. I got a kick out of the fact that he had a "reverse" T on his chest. :) Then on Sunday, I decided to have a party for all of the people who didn't go away for the weekend. I really wanted to play volleyball, but I guess I was the only one, because I was vetoed and we played darts and beer pong instead. As any good party at my house, there were some fireworks and drama, but I think everyone survived to live and enjoy the day off on Monday.

AD and I went to the baseball game to see the only win that the Nationals had in their 4 game series against the Marlins. They got my hopes up for the Wild Card race, but then proceeded to dash them with losses the next 3 games. Oh well, at least football season is starting up!!!

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