Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Big Loss on the Field...

Not an image that I was happy to see last night. However, I was happy that the Steelers were able to pull out the win "Vinateri style" with a last second field goal. But seeing Ben go down with a hyperextended left knee was terrible. I know he is tough, but that looked painful. I didn't think they played all that well, even though they won. Sometimes that's what it takes though. There were a bunch of penalties, for both teams, that were costly. I was glad to see that they held LT to 62 yards rushing, even though we were just able to get over 100 total rushing ourselves. It will be an interesting game next week against Jacksonville. I am glad that it is at home, and I am glad that Charlie got some playing time that last preseason game in Carolina.

**** Update****

The MRI on Big Ben is in and it doesn't look as bad as it was originally thought! And Tommy's injury in practice last week was better than thought also. Things are looking up a bit this Tuesday afternoon. :)

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