Monday, November 21, 2005

Steelers - Ravens....

What a terrible football game that was on all sides of the ball yesterday. There was really nothing good that I can think of that happened. The running game was awful, the passing game was worse, except for a few brief throws when we moved down and tied the game. The O-line couldn't have stopped a bunch of me's rushing the passer. The defense started out bad, but got a bit better and held the Ravens in the 2nd half. However, they weren't able to get a big play to change the momentum all that much. I was just very disappointed in that game, especially going into the Monday night game next week in Indy. I was hoping to have a good rival beating to propel us towards the 10-0 Colts. Oh well... maybe this loss will give us that extra oomph to take down the new AFC Powerhouse. I'll leave you with a great shot of Tommy, one that we saw entirely too often.

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