Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Go Colonials!!!

We went to the BB&T Classic basketball tournament last night to see the GW Colonials take on the MD Terrapins. We got there a bit early after going to Chipotle for dinner beforehand. The downside to the early arrival was watching AU attempt to play against GMU. I think AU scored about half of what GMU scored. The GW-MD started out in a pretty sloppy way also. Both teams weren't playing all that well. It was a very physical game, and by half-time, GW was winning by a little bit, but they were starting to get into foul trouble. MD's struggles continued in the 2nd half, despite tying it up at one point.

Eventually GW went on to win 78-70 to push the Colonials to a 5-0 start on the season. Woo Hoo!! The worst part of the night was after the game was over and the GW fans were cheering, there was an incredibly rude MD fan who accosted AD. It was ridiculous and uncalled for and certainly put a damper on the night. Just goes to show, MD fans are sore losers. Hence the comments made by Gary Williams after the game about not wanting to play in the tourney next year. They are embarrassed by losing 4 of 6 to GW. :)

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