Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holiday Party!!

After a nice day off on Friday, I had a bunch of people over for a holiday party that night. I put out all my Christmas decorations, hung up some holiday lights, and lit a nice fire. It was a good time. I wore my plaid Fletcher pants, which I never got a picture of.... But I couldn't find the bowtie to go with it, I was kind of annoyed about that.

This party was going to be a somewhat nice party. I wasn't going to set-up any beer pong or anything like that. I had people bring some bottles of wine and I got some cheese and crackers and veggies and shrimp at the store for some snacks. It was a great time! I definitely got some good tastes of some wine that I haven't had before. I decided to start the night off with my bottle of Pinot Gris that I got at the Nantucket Vineyard. It was really delicious. And I was very happy with the Pinot Noir that I picked up at Harris Teeter.

On Sunday, I have another holiday party, but this one is basically a cookie party where we will have plenty of sweets to munch on. There will also be tradiational food like Blintzes and Lattkes. Hopefully I will be in a good mood after the Steelers game!!

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