Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Poor Penguins....

First it was 8 losses in 9 games. Then it was Mario saying that there is a "slim chance" that the team will stay in Pittsburgh. Now This. The coach and his assistants have been fired. Maybe the last issue will be the beginning of good times. Maybe the new coach, who is coming off an incredible stint with the Baby Pens, Michel Therrien, will spark the team, and they will win the next 8 of 9 games. It all starts against Buffalo on Friday. And after they start winning again, maybe Western PA will be able to find some money to keep the team here and build them a new arena. We can all dream, can't we. When I first read what Mario said, I choked up. I can not imagine the Penguins in another city. One of my 2 favorite sports teams gone from the city would be devastating.

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