Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back on the Trail

After a nice lazy day off yesterday where I slept in, went to the dog park, and caught up on my TiVo, I decided that I would be a bit more active today. I woke up pretty early for a Saturday and headed out to go mtn. biking with some DC Tri Club folks. This was going to be the first mtn. biking I had done in a while, other than the quick trip I had at Thanksgiving. I was hoping to go to Schaeffer Farms in MD, because I know it very well, but I heard it was closed, so we headed to a new place for me, Rosaryville.

I was glad I went for a number of reasons, but the top two were the fact that it was a gorgeous morning with the temperature about 60 degrees. Yes, it is the 21st of January!! The other reason is that this trail is very close to where I work! When the days start getting longer, I might just have to make it a habit of going for a little ride after work! What a great set-up. I would love it if this weather stuck around a bit longer so that I could head out to the trail again! It was nice to get back to it!

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