Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I guess it wasn't the gym...

I though that maybe the fact that I was working out made me feel a little sick last night, but that doesn't seem to be it. It must have been the lunch that I had. I came home from the gym and cooked some dinner, some rice with a bit of left over chicken that I had grilled. Nothing out of the ordinary. Shortly thereafter, I began feeling sick again and it lasted all the way through Boston Legal. I decided that if I fell asleep, then maybe I would be ok. That seemed to work until about 2:00 int he morning when I woke up and had to run for the bathroom. Fortunately I made it. So much for lunch and dinner.

I am feeling a bit better now, but not back to normal. The only reason I am at work is because I had an important meeting this morning, that I was a bit late to. Now I am waiting for an email that needs a response today before I can go home and lie down. Hopefully I'll be better to try the gym out again tomorrow!

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