Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Crazy Weekend: Part 2 (long)

Where to begin... Well, the trouble making started waaay before the weekend on Tuesday night with Valentine's Day. My friend Grant from CA was coming into town and I knew I was in for some trouble. We started that night with some of his family friends taking us out to dinner at Chadwicks. We left his friends and headed up to M St. to find a bar with something going on.

Well, I was surprised to see that this task was going to be a bit harder than I expected. We cruised down one side, consistently finding empty bar, but full restaurant. Maybe we were just a little bit early. We finally decided that we would head to the Tombs. We figured there was always something going on there, and there could be cute G-Town girls to talk to. Well, we succeeded in finding some American girls, so our mission was accomplished.

The next night we went to the GW basketball game. We grabbed a few drinks beforehand and then went out for dinner and drinks afterwards. These nights aren't quite what you would call crazy nights, but they are just building up to the actual weekend...

Thursday night is where the real crazy part begins. Grant and I started out at the DC Tri Happy Hour on Capitol Hill. Normally we have appetizers to tide us over and we can usually make a pretty good dinner out of that, but not that night. (This will prove to be an important point later...) We had a number of beers there and then decided that it was time to head off to the Dupont area to hit some bars with some other friends. Our first stop was at the Big Hunt where we met 6 others. Once we were all there and had had enough of the place, off we went to the Front Page. Another round of drinks here and it was off to Madhatter for some dancing, and of course, more beer. And remember there was no food in my stomach to soak up the beer... Supposedly on our way back home, Grant and I met some girls headed home also, however I don't remember this at all. I still ended up with her number somehow though!

Despite having a nice little hangover going on Friday during the day, we were all jazzed up to head back out. Plus, our friend Russ came into town to hang out with us. We decided to head to G-town this night. We started at Grant's friends house in upper G-town and then made our way to the Tombs again. We had some food there, had some beers, and said a brief hello to the girls that we met on Tuesday. It was off to Rhino bar for a little bit of fun. There was a Bud Light promotion going on here that we got involved in: a Rock-Paper-Scissors competition. I made it to the final round and won a beer and an Extra-Large t-shirt. Go Me! I also saw the girl we met on Thursday as she was leaving. (I only knew who she was because Grant reminded me.) After enough time at Rhino, we stopped at one last place, Garrets. I don't remember much from that stop or from the rest of the night. I do remember waking up on the couch of a friends apartment. Then in the cab on the way home I was still drunk and thought we were going the wrong way, so I told the guy. He informed me that I was incorrect, so I fell asleep.

Again, after a nice hangover on Saturday, we were all set to go out again. I tell you, the things I do for my friends when they come to visit me... I started the night watching the GW basketball game at Bungalow. From there I headed into the city to wait for Russ and Grant to finish dinner, so I had some beers at the Red Lion and watched some Olympics. After that, they wanted to go to this new place called Lima, near DC Coast, but I wasn't feeling it, even after 2 beers, so we jumped into a cab and headed to Adams Morgan. We started at the Reef, but it was packed and no fun, so we went to Angry Inch for the rest of the night. They have such an eclectic mix of music there, but it is fun! Lots of dancing and more beer!! Then it was time for Pizza Mart. However, it was a cold night and I didn't get all of my pizza eaten before the end of it froze. Oh well, another good night out in DC!

Sunday morning we all woke up at my house after crashing from our fun night. Grant was nice enough to run out and get food and make up a gourmet breakfast of fancy breakfast burritos. It was really good. Then I sat around the rest of the day watched the Daytona 500 and cheered on my boy Tony Stewart. What a crazy race that he had! He was up at the front, then sent to the rear of the field several times and still managed to get back to 5th. Even with a slightly damaged car! Imagine how good he would have been if he hadn't been all hot-headed... Oh well, its a stressful race.

So there you have it, our crazy week/weekend. It is always an adventure when Grant and Russ come to town. It had been a while since the three of us had been together. Let's hope it isn't as long the next time!!


Teen said...

Nice work!
And to think when I saw you all on Thursday night at 9 it was only the start of your night!
I hope you go ahead and do something with those digits! ;)

Alison said...

Man, I think I'm getting drunk again just reading about the crazy weekend. You boys tired me out ;-)

Sharkbait said...

It was nice to meet you last night!! Glad you came out.

Anonymous said...

The weekend was a little crazier… think you were too drunk to remember all the fun J Tyler, remember making out with that girl at Rhino… o ya what about the girl that was all over you on Thursday night because you guys were both so drunk. Keep up the craziness T…