Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flat Tires

I have had some bad luck with tires on my cars. In the last number of years, I have replaced 5 tires due to having flats. And I had to fix a 6th one on a van that I rented! I wonder if I am jinxed for some reason?? It all started with the van, so maybe that is a sign that I am jinxed. I was taking a group of people to the New River Gorge to go rafting and on I-81 we were cruising along, and all of a sudden we had a blow-out. It was pretty scary, but nothing else went wrong, despite the blown tire.

Then, I had two nails in one tire on my Pathfinder. That was a drag. Not too long after that, I got another nail in a different tire. So that makes three. The next two have been on my allroad. They were due to another nail and then a bulge in the tire on the inside of it, that I couldn't see. Luckily that one didn't blow out!

Now I am at it again with the latest one. I come out to my car on Tuesday morning to find the front right tire flat. It was a cut in the sidewall that had opened up. I ahve no idea how it got there! I am pretty good about not hitting any curbs! Well, fortunately I have been able to drive my Land Cruiser the last few days. I dropped off the allroad today at the dealer, it needed and oil change anyway! Grr, I hope my streak of tires ends at 6!!!

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