Friday, February 10, 2006

Sad News and Good News!!

I'll start with the sad news. Love Monkey is being put on hiatus from CBS. This is very distressing. I didn't think it was the best show in the world, but after 3 episodes, how could you even make this kind of judgement? I don't think it was given enought ime to blossom. I am very sad for Tom... First ED and now this.

On to the good news... Ken Whisenhunt has decided to stay with the Superbowl XL Champion Steelers!!! This is very exciting to me. He may not have had the best game plan for the superbowl game, but everything that he showed in the post-season up to that point was very impressive. I am glad that he did not go to the black hole that is Oakland.

Let's go Steelers!!

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Larissa said...

it's a great tragedy of our time