Monday, February 27, 2006

Slightly Unexpected Weekend...

What a weekend... Not quite like last weekend, but not too entirely different either. Not the weekend that I was expecting to have, but parts were good nonetheless.

I'll start off with Friday night. I was not really planning on going to the happy hour at McFadden's that my friend from work had won, but after a bunch of arm twisting, I succumbed. I was going to play it easy, have a beer or two, grab some dinner, and head home. I drove into the city with that in mind. However, that didn't happen. I didn't get a wristband, so I wouldn't get the open bar. Instead I had the 2 for 1 special, and then a 3rd beer. This is where things go downhill. I was fine not having any more drinks, I didn't have the cash for it anyway, but then not wanting me to leave, my friends decided to buy me drinks. Lucky me. On any other night, I would have totally been down for that, but I wasn't prepared this night. So after having more than I wanted, off we went to take the metro to 4 Courts, since my car wasn't going anywhere with me! We were there till about close and then I was very nicely given a ride home. Not the night I was expecting to have.

So I woke up, not hung over, but not feeling too spunky. I watched some TV, went to the dog park, and had lunch. Not too different from what I was planning on doing. Then I went to the mall to get a few things. I decided that I needed TV Trays because I was sick of trying to eat on the couch, but having to hold my plate. I was also headed to the Verizon store because I was intent upon getting rid of the dial-up internet, joining the 21st century and buying a wireless PC Card. After a day and a half of it, I love it! Then it was home for the GW game. But for some reason, I had noticed that the weather was 60 degrees, and I still had not retrieved my car from the city. A perfect opportunity to break out my bike and ride in and pick up my car. What a nice afternoon it was!

Then I watched the GW game and watched them win again!!! Despite not having Pops after he hurt his knee last week. I had some dinner and then got ready for a party at a friends place in CC. I was there for about 2 and a half hours before I decided to go meet some other friends in the city. While at the party though, I consumed a lot of beverages without even thinking about it. There was a great homemade sangria that I devoured and then moved on to making strong rum and cokes for myself. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble... So by the time I got downtown I was feeling good. I was down there for a while, made my way out the metro to VA, got some food, and stumbled my way to a cab to go home. The night didn't end all that well though, with some injuries to my knee, hand, and forehead. I'm ok, I just look a bit rough.

My day on Sunday didn't start until about 2:30 though, and I was a bit sore when I woke up. I headed to the dog park and then didn't leave the couch much the rest of the day. I watched Tony blow up an engine when he was having a pretty good day at the track, and I watched my Grey's. Then I went to bed. And oh yea, did I say how much I enjoyed my new wireless internet!


Larissa said...

wireless internet is where it's at. i love how lazy it makes me!

VP of Dior said...

i heart grey's anatomy so much.

it was nice to meet you at the blogger HH. i was the black girl hiding from the cameras :)

Tyler said...

larissa: It is great! I am so glad I decided on that instead of cable.

VP: I remember you. And I too heart Grey's a lot!