Saturday, March 04, 2006

GW B-Ball, The NFL, and Shakespeare

GW won again today with a buzzer beater to increase their winning streak to 18, the longest in the NCAA. They finished the A-10 with a perfect record. They also are the only team in the NCAA to have only lost 1 game. Despite that their strength of schedule was very low, I still think its impressive to have only lost 1 game all season. Especially with the number of games they play. And to have the best record in school history is pretty great also. What an exciting way for the seniors to go out. Here's hoping that they get a good seeding in the tournament on Selection Sunday! Go G-dub!! And this is a great column in the Post by Wilbon about the Colonials.

Now on to the NFL. I am not sure how I feel about this CBA agreement stuff. I have been hearing mixed reports as to why the talks are breaking down and where the problems are. I have heard that the players are being too greedy, which is one thing that really drives me crazy about pro sports, and I have also heard that the owners can not all get on the same page, which causes problems in negotiations. Here is a good article about cash over cap which may be part of the owners problem. We all know what has happened in the past with baseball and recently hockey when it comes to these labor issues. I don't think the NFL is quite in that stage yet, but I am still frustrated with this. However, it doesn't look as if the Steelers are in too much trouble if there is no agreement reached. They released turnover Tommy and CD Willie WIlliams, but I am ok with those two leaving.

Now, you are probably wondering what Shakespeare has to do with any of this, but last night I went to the Shakespeare Theater to see Don Juan. You may also be wondering why the Shakespeare Theather is showing a play bey someone else. Well, it was written about the same time as the Bard lived, and they do 2 out of 5 non-Shakespeare plays a year. I didn't do any research on the show before I went, other than reading the link above, so I didn't know what to expect. I was impressed with it. I definitely liked the first act better than the second, but it was a good night.


Anonymous said...

Goooo G-Dub!!!

Tyler said...

Woo Hoo!! Its about time GW got some good airtime on ESPN.