Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh the Madness!!

Wow... There were three really great games last night and 2 unforgettable finishes. My bracket was happy about the 2 great finishes with Texas and UCLA winning, but it was definitely hurt by LSU dominating Duke. A night like last night is what makes this tournament 2nd to the Superbowl in sporting events. The excitement never ends. And we have 4 more great games on tap for tonight!

I was watching the WVU-Texas game in bed last night, saw the heartbreaking, but AMAZING shot by Texas and couldn't believe they weren't going to OT. Then, I somehow fell asleep after they cut to the UCLA game with 3:00 to go. My last thoughts for the night before I drifted off to sleep were, "Wow, 2 of my Final Four teams are out in one night." Then I woke up to ESPN2 this morning at 6:00, watching out of one eye while decideding whether to snooze, I saw the WVU highlights. Then my decision was made for me when I jumped out of bed, screaming, scaring the dogs, as they showed the final seconds of the UCLA game and Adam Morrison lying on the court. I was so shocked... That is the magic of March Madness!

On another note, last night I went to the book signing of Mike Greenberg, of Mike and Mike in the Morning, at Barnes and Noble in Georgetown. Golic was there with him and they talked for a while and answered a few questions before signing our books. Since there were a lot of people there, I got a chance to read a little of the book in line and it is really funny! I can't wait to get further into it. I was even considering coming in late to work because they are broadcasting live from Gallery Place this morning.

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