Friday, March 10, 2006

The Pens and the Colonials

I'll start with the slightly bad and head toward the worse. I went to the final match-up between the Pens and Caps on Wed. night. The Pens had won the first 3 games of the series in pretty dominating fashion, despite the scores. I was excited for the 4th game to be much of the same and we would have a nice sweep of the season series. The game started off well, with the Pens scoring only a minute or so into the game. But then things started to turn. The goaltending by Caron was awful. He did make some good stops, but his bad (or non-existent) stops were worse than awful. He let a puck go in the net that was shot from 150 ft. away with no one in front of him.

I was very sad that this would be the way my last Pens game of the season would end. It was also the last time that I got to see Recchi in a Pens uniform (for the second time) since he was traded to Carolina on Thursday. Luckily this is not the last time that I will see the Penguins as the PITTSBURGH Penguins. Because despite the fact that they will most likely start city shopping this off season, their lease does not run out until June 2007. That is after next season, so I may get a full year to say good-bye to my beloved Penguins.

Now, on to the even worse news... GW lost in the first round of the A-10. After my post about how impressive the regular season was, they go and break my heart. I was rally pissed off at them yesterday, but I am starting to feel a bit better because of this article in the Post about GW. I think there are some really good points in there, both for and against GW. I am not giving up hope just because they got blown out of the first round by an NIT team. I still have the hope that they will get a pretty good seed and be able to focus and have a good Tourney. We shall see!

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