Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Shin Splints

I think I may have a bad case of shin splints. I had a great race on Sunday in the 8K, but I think that was mostly due to the fact that I had taken 2 Aleve that morning when I woke up. When I was training for the race, my legs were definitely feeling some pain. At first it was more around the knee, but hten seemed to move down to the shins.

I think this problem could have arisen because I jumped back into my running too quickly. Over the winter, I didn't really run a whole lot. If anything, I was on the bike or the elliptical at the gym. But once I signed up for the St. Patty's Day race, I decided that I needed to step up my running so that I would be ready. Then I got sick with the cough and stuffiness, so I took a few weeks off. With only about 10 days before the race, I jumped right back into running and didn't slowly work up my distance, because I didn't have time!

I think that may have been the downfall of my shins. I over stressed them and now they are not happy with me. I went out to run last night and had to cut my run in half because I was in so much pain. When I finally stopped running, I had to go down a bunch of stairs to get home. That was really really hard to do. Every step I took was a shooting pain. I got home and just sat down for an hour or so until the pain was just minor throbbing. I hate to go see a Dr. for something like this, so I think I may have to just go back to the bike at the gym and limit my running. And of course for my next 2 races in March and April, I will certainly be taking that Aleve!


Teen said...

I'm with you on the shin splints. Mine are back in full force, especially in my right leg.
Good luck!
Take care of yourself!

Larissa said...

nice meeting ya last night!

Tyler said...

teen - that's too bad that yours are back! I know how you feel. You take care of yours too.

larissa - it was great meeting you also!