Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pittsburgh Sports

Here is a really good article in the Post Gazette about the Pirates and their fans. There are a bunch of things that I agree with in there. Especially the fact that I think we need a new owner and that Mark Cuban would be awesome!! I am not happy with the way that Kevin McClatchy has operated the team. And I also agree with Keaton when he said that the fans have not been very outspoken about the problems with the team. And I think that it is definitely because we are so used to the Bucos losing! It has just become second nature and there is no outcry for change. I know I have not been very outspoken about this, so I don't really have much license to talk about it, but I think that now is the time it needs to be brought up. We want a baseball team in Pittsburgh that will compete!!

Now on to the Penguins. In a move that I fully support, they are not going to bring back the GM, Craig Patrick. He has had a great run in Pittsburgh and I definitely respect him for most of what he did, by esentially bringing up 2 Stanley Cups. He has made some incredible trades in the past, but it is definitely time for something new. Here is a column in the paper about how the Penguins GM opening should be a very sought after job. Cook makes some great points in here and I hope that he is correct and that we have top quality prospects to help the Penguins make it back to the next level.

It looks as if they are going to keep the coach, Michel Therrien. I think this is a good thiing too. His win-loss record was not too much different from Olczyk, but the team was pllaying much stronger at the end of the season, which is very promising. We also have the number 2 pick in this years draft. And I really hope that Therrien is right when he said that this is the last year that we will have a 1, 2, or 3 pick. I guess that would only matter if the Penguins stay in Pittsburgh though...

All of the discussion above makes me appreciate the Steelers Superbowl XL win even more!!

Let's GO Pittsburgh Sports!!!


After writing the above post last week, this column by Ron Cook was in the Post Gazette this morning. There are some very good points in here. It essentially says what I was saying about the Pirates ownership, that Mark Cuban would do a much better job at running the Pirates and making them a more competitive team. He has done a great job with the Mavericks, and I am sure that he would be able to help out his hometown team. As Cook says, "We can dream, can't we?"

And then there is this article by Cook about Cuban potentially showing interest in the Penguins. Cuban says he would throw some money into the pot, but he wouldn't want to deal with being a majority owner and the arena headaches. If his money would help, I would be all for that!


Melissa said...

Too funny! My brother is also a diehard Pittsburgh fan, and he's a sportscaster on NBC in the midwest and got to go to the superbowl. So since he lived and breathed all things Terry Bradshaw, this was his life's dream. The funny thing is that he and his wife had their first baby a couple months prior, so he was really psyched that it turned out to be such a banner year.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog...it means a lot.

Tyler said...

Wow, that's a great year! I was a little young to know Terry though.