Thursday, April 20, 2006


Not feeling like a big post today, it has been a pretty busy day, maybe I'll edit this tomorrow. We got killed in our softball game on Tuesday. We had a good number of people there and I got stuck pitching. But I only walked 2 people. Its tough when you haven't had any practice, and the other team has some former college baseball players on the team. I knew I was recruiting the wrong players... Oh well, it was fun and hopefully we'll do better next week.


I didn't realize just how many pitches I threw the other night until I got in the pool yesterday and started swimming. By the end of about 30 minutes, my arm was finally feeling pretty good. That is why I am so happy that there is a hot tub next to the pool. And boy was it hot too, 105 degrees! It felt really good. Hopefully this Tuesday I won't have to throw so many pitches. Now throwing back some pitchers after the game is a whole differnet story!!!

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