Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good baseball and Bad Softball

Well, that's not exactly true... It wasn't bad softball, it just wasn't good enough to win the game. As for the baseball though, that was good. Both of my teams, the Bucos and the Nats had excellent games yesterday and got 2 great starts from some young pitchers. We'll start out with a re-cap of the game that I played in.

I thought that this would be the week that we would get it done. We were playing another 0-2 team, with similar stats to our first 2 games. We had a pretty strong showing last week, despite a little relapse in the 4th inning, which I was hoping would carry us into this week. Unfortunately we would be playing without several of our good players, who helped us last week. I was all ready to pitch again. After throwing some warm-ups, I was feeling good about hitting the strike zone.

We got behind in the first inning in the field and we were never able to recover. The other team didn't have a lot of power, we just weren't on top of our game defensively. There were some dropped fly balls and some balls going through the legs. Those things happen. Toward the end of the game we settled down and had some good innings where we held them scoreless. We could have brought it back and made it competitive, but we were having some problems with the bats also. They had a pretty weak outfield, but we weren't able to take maximum advantage of it. For the second week in a row, I had a homerun!! I lead off one of the later innings and smacked it straight center field right past that outfielders. I was happy and confident that we'll be back with a competitive game next week.

As I said yesterday, GW player Mike O'Connor, was making his second start for the Nats last night. He pitched a great performance against a very good Mets team. It was a win that the Nats desperately needed also before their 5 game homestand. It seems like Mike is getting a bit more comfortable in the majors also. It is always easier for a rookie pitcher to face a good team when none of the batters have ever faced him before. What was impressive was that he was able to throw enough stuff at them that by the 2nd and 3rd at bats, they weren't figuring him out. Its great to see a GW player doing well, especially for the hometown team!

Now, on to the great game for the Bucos, who are stopping off in NY for 2 games before taking the train down to DC for a weekend series. Their most impressive pitcher last fall, until he had a slight injury that kept him out of the lineup at the end of the season, Zach Duke, had a very impressive performance yesterday afternoon in Chicago. He had a complete game shutout of the Cubs, his first of hopefully many to come in his time on the mound in Pittsburgh. I need to find a time when I can watch him pitch. Its too bad that he won't be on the mound this weekend when I go see the Pirates hopefully beat up on my Nats.

Don't get me wrong, as a Nats season ticket holder, I am very supportive of them. But when it comes down to my roots, I will always be behind the Pittsburgh teams. The Nats better sweep the Marlins because I am looking for them to be swept by my Bucos.

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