Friday, June 30, 2006

Firing a Legend?

I almost don't know what to say to this... The Penguins have decided to fire their TV play-by-play announcer, who is a huge Legend in Pittsburgh. As the article mentions, many people would tune into the games to hear him broadcast, whether the team was playing well or not. His sayings were a big part of my memories growing up watching the Pens. I find this news very disturbing...

Here's to you, Mike!

"Scratch my back with a hacksaw."

"Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one, too."

"He beat him like a rented mule."

"Elvis has just left the building."

"Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley give me the brandy."

1 comment:

Roar Savage said...

Hockey, huh? Never been to a hockey game, but I'm sorry your legend is leaving...