Monday, June 19, 2006

Last Week

Wow, I just noticed that I didn't post a thing last week. I guess I was pretty busy. Either that or just lazy. I am going to go with lazy.

It was a pretty good week. On Tuesday we had our last softball game of the regular season. We were fighting for a playoff spot and were hoping to come up with an upset on one of the top teams in the league, but that didn't happen. Despite having a little lubrication before the game, we didn't loosen up very much. We did take the lead to start with, but then the other team dropped the hammer. It didn't help that I was really pissed off at the ref for a blown call. That sort of jaded my view of the rest of the game. Plus my hitting was terrible, and the one play I should have made in center field, I missed. Very disappointing. But... we did end up making the playoffs, even if we were the last seed.

Then on Wednesday I went out and did a little mtn. biking at Wakefield to prepare for the Wed. night races that start this week and to get a little ride in before my race yesterday. It was a good ride with Brian and Andy.

Thursday was the DC Tri happy hour at Cantina Marina. That is such a great bar. But since it was such a great night, it was packed. That didn't stop me from staying there from about 6 till 10 though...

On Friday night, a Yankee's fan friend and I went to the Nats - Yankees game. It was a good time and the Yankees won. I was happy for her that they won, despite the fact that I was wearing my Nats hat and T-shirt. It was kind of funny that we got several comments from people who thought we were a couple and were wondering how we could be together, rooting for opposing teams. After that, we met some friends out for the tail end of a B-day party.

Staying out waaaay later than I expected, I woke up waaaay earlier than I should have, to meet some friends for our caravan down to Richmond for the race. I'll have a post-race report up at somepoint...

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