Thursday, June 29, 2006

So much sports stuff...

There has been a lot of sports stuff happening in the last week or so.

Anything from the Pirates being the worst team in their modern history (post-1900) and losing 13 fucking games in a row. Even a blind squirel finds a nut every once in a while!!

The Nationals are not much better than the Pirates. What is going on with my 2 baseball teams? I think that I am cursed!

Then we have the US loss in the World Cup and the terrible officiating that has been going on in all the matches. So inconsistent! I am rooting for Argentina to take it to Brazil tomorrow. They both have great female fans, so I am going to have to go with the fact that Argentine's speak spanish rather than Portuguese.

I had a feeling that this was going to be an issue as soon as I heard that the Steelers had drafted him. I am really hoping that he has learned his lesson and doesn't get suspended, because he is a good player, but that doen't mean that I will respect him as a person. What is it about making repeated mistakes?

Now on to the Penguins. This seems like good news, but without too much information I am not sure how much effect it will have in keeping the Pens in town. Especially with the Casino deal being the real issue. Even though I want Cuban as the Pirates owner, I will take the Penguins as his second choice! And you can't forget the fact that in the NHL draft, the Pens picked up a pretty damn good player. Hopefully the new GM will have a good impact of this team.

To continue with draft talk, even though I am not an NBA fan, the draft was last night. There were a few GW players that had the potential to be drafted, but it seems that only one was picked. As Andrew said, it was a bit surprising.

On to tennis... Agassi is playing in his last Wimbledon this year. Not to mention that he will retire after the US Open. I have always been a big fan of his. I loved his unconventional style when he first broke into the scene. I know that he is getting older and it is really hard to keep up with the younger guys, especially Federer, but I will certainly miss watching him play.

And to end the sports discussion, did you all see what this Ashville, NC minor league manager did the other day? Talk about a melt down! It is very entertaining though...

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FINY said...

Hi, I randomly found you through Kristin's site, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing that video. I hadn't seen it yet, and oh my god, it's effing priceless!