Monday, June 12, 2006

A weekend in DC

Finally, after 4 straight weekends being out of town, I was back in DC to spend a little bit of time. It was a good but pretty busy weekend. I managed to fit a lot of things in. I am not really in the mood to write up a big post about everything, so here's a quick recap for all of you.

Thursday: A fun trip to the Nats game with a good friend. It was a great game and I was happy to spend some time with someone that I haven't spent much time with lately. Especially before they leave DC and I really won't get to see them much.

Friday: I was not working this Friday, but I had a lot of things that I was planning on doing. And I got most of them accomplished. I got my VA plate for my motorcycle put on and then got the bike inspected. Now it is all legal to ride. I just need to have it serviced. I took the hard top doors off my Land Cruiser and I vaccumed the inside of it. I went for a nice ride on my motorcycle, something I hadn't done in a while. And I did some work around the house. Then it was off to a fun Happy Hour where I had a good time, but left before things got too crazy it seems!

Saturday: I woke up way earlier than I should have and headed off to Richmond with some fellow Triathletes. We were checking out the location of the Xterra race that we are competing in this coming weekend. We swam in the river, which was not as bad as I was expecting, and then rode most of the bike course, which was a bit tighter than I thought it would be. Then I scurried back to DC to get my drink on, play some kickass beach volleyball, grill out, play beer-pong and flip cup, and get entirely too drunk for my own good. All in all, a FABULOUS day!

Sunday: I woke up a bit hungover, but mostly dehydrated. Then started the clean-up process, which involved lots of trash and beer cans all over my backyard... and a bunch of dishes in the kitchen. Then Nick and I hustled off to the Nats game where the Phillies decided they weren't even going to show up for the game. Afterwards, we went to the first Picnic in the Park held on the field after the game. It was an event for all the 2006 season ticket holders. It wasn't all that well organized, but it was a good time and we got to see some of the players up close, trot around the bases, and sit on the field and have some ice cream.

So it was a great weekend spent in DC!!


Melissa said...

I love being in the city. Something about going away and I feel like I missed something.

Tyler said...

I know that feeling. In the summer I am usually gone more than I am here...