Monday, June 26, 2006

A Wet Wet Weekend

What a wet weekend it was! But it was a pretty good one anyway.

Thursday night I went out to dinner with Paul, who I haven't seen in a while. Then we went back to his place so that I could see all of the work that he has done since he moved in in March. I am very jealous of his place. It is a 2 bedroom condo, where he has turned one of the bedrooms into an office/bike storage. The whole condo has been wired with remote controlled speakers in the ceilings of each room. He has a few flat screen TV's that are nice. It's just a great set-up. Not to mention that he pulled up the carpet in the main room and put in hardwood floors. A job well done!

Friday was my day off and I got a number of things accomplished. I changed my tires on my bike, and found out that it was actually a valve stem that broke during the race on Wednesday and not a tear in the tire. But they needed to be changed anyway. I dropped off my PE Education form for GW to fill out. And I did some laundry and cleaning in my room. Still need to clean up that damn desk area though! Then Friday night I went up to Bethesda to see a musical at The Roundhouse Theater. I found out about the show through a discounted tickets mailing list that I am on. At half-price, I figured that I couldn't go wrong. I highly recommend the discounted events list, so let me know if anyone is interested in it and I will give you the details.

The show was a musical adaptation of a previously unpublished short story that Mark Twain wrote. It was called A Murder, A Mystery, and a Marriage. This was actually the world premier of the show and so far it has been well received. The story is about the simple life in a small town in the south. There are some good foot-stomping melodies and plenty of corny jokes! Comedy, romance, and suspense all combine to create a good night at the theater that will surprise, charm, and amuse you.

Saturday morning Nick and I headed out to Rock Creek for what was supposed to have been a quick round of golf. The weather was holding off and everything was good, except by the 4th hole, we caught up to the back-up that was in front of us. From there until the last hole, we were creeping like crazy. It really throws off your game if you have to wait for so long between shots. Your concentration gets all out of wack. I started off with the first nine playing bogey golf at 9 over par. But then by the back, despite the fact that we were waiting, I was able to find some focus and play well.

On the 12th hole I had a beautiful drive and then had a nice 60 yarder up the hill to the pin, which I managed to sink for an EAGLE!!! However, I didn't see it go in or hear it. The girl who was driving the drink cart watched it go in and Nick was looking down, but heard it drop in the cup. After that, I played much better. I even chipped in again on hole 15. That time it was for par though! And the drink girl happened to be stopped with the people behind us. She must have been good luck!

After that excruciatingly long round of golf, I was late to meet everyone for the DMB concert. We got food and beer and headed out to Nissan. We were hoping the weather would hold off, it was looking pretty good. But by the time we sat in tons of traffic and finally made it into the lot it was starting to darken and the rain was coming. I was supposed to have a mtn. bike race the next morning, but I knew it would be cancelled, so I decided to have some of the tequila that was in the cooler. Hmmm... maybe not the best idea. The rain was coming down pretty hard as we walked into the show. I had decided to leave my shirt behind because it was just something to get in the way. It was a fun night though! And boy was I glad that I wasn't racing the next day!

So I didn't get out of bed until the afternoon on Sunday, mostly due to the tequila I think. Then I never made it to the gym, due to laziness. I watched TV for most of the afternoon, but I did leave the house at about 5:00 to head out to volunteer for the first annual Twilight Festival 4-mile race, at the Old Dominion Brewery. After we got all ready to start handing out the race packets, it decided to start storming out there. It let up a bit and people came out, but then stormed again, and let up, and then stormed... I think you get the picture. Well, the race was cancelled because there was lightning and it wasn't really safe. Hopefully next year we can have the first running of the 2nd annual Twilight 4-miler!

The drive home last night was awful because of the rain coming down. And that made my commute to work this morning awful also!! It took me 2.5 hours to get to work, when I can make it in 30 minutes. 395 was a parking lot, as was 295. And it is raining again right now as I am writing this! I think my race on Wed. will have to be cancelled too...

Rain, rain, go away, come again when I am not around!

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