Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I am feeling very overwhelmed right now in several areas of my life: work, studying, and family.

I am having lots of issues with my project at work. New problems keep coming up every day. And of course there is hardly any money available to solve these problems.

I am starting to get a little stressed out about this PE exam that I have coming up. I don't feel like I am getting organized enough and I am not sure that I have enough familiarity with all of the topics that it covers.]

And finally, the most stressful thing is that we found out recently that my Grandfather has a very serious health issue. We are still learning exactly what is going on, but it is looking like the options are very limited. This is very tough to deal with.

I know that thinigs could be worse, but these things are wearing on me a bit...


E :) said...

So sorry to hear that Tyler. I hope things get better for you. Try to take a couple of hours for yourself just to do nothing in particular. You need to recharge. Best wishes to your Grandfather...

Also, thanks again for dropping off the baseball tickets. We nearly caught a t-shirt but were too uncoordinated to hang on to it and it dropped to the level below. Aaaaargh!

Sharkbait said...

Keep your chin up.

Studying stinks and it stinks double in the summer.
You aren't the only one!!