Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mtn. Biking and Turkey Day!

I had a good time getting back out on my mtn. bike this past weekend. While I was studying for the PE, I missed some good riding time. Not to mention that I lost a little bit of the endurance that I had. And for the first time in over a year, since he accomplished his goal of the Florida Ironman, Paul joined me on a ride! And he had his new bike also!

We headed up to Schaeffer Farms on Sat. afternoon because it is a nice fun, fast, not too technical ride. I was a little worried that things would be too wet because of the heavy rain we had on Thursday, but the only bad parts were by the big corn fields that we ride along. It was a great time and I think Paul was happy to get out there and use his new bike!

Then on Sunday, we volunteered for the 3rd Back Yard Burn at Fountainhead Park. I parked people, worked a busy water-stop, and then ran sweep for the second lap, pulling down all the signs and direction tape. After we broke everything down and got the race stuff put away, 5 of us decided to head out for a loop of the mtn. bike trails. It was a good ride, except that one of the guys took a few hard falls and headed to the car early.

This afternoon I am heading out of town for Turkey Day. Mom and I are heading down to Cashiers. We are not sure if we are going to make it the whole way tonight or if we will have to stop. I guess it depends on the great DC traffic! I am excited for a bunch of hiking, drinking, eating, football, and hopefully a camp fire!

I hope everyone has a good holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Cashiers! I'll miss hiking to the top of Chimney with you all tomorrow!