Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Depressing... turned to ANGER!

This is Extremely Depressing News to me.... Along with this... I know it does not mean that something won't be worked out to keep them here, but it will be much harder now. It just makes things that much more frustrating after watching them play a horrible game on Versus on Tuesday night.

**Update: The more this gets talked about, the more I turn from depressed to angry!!!!

The one glimmer of hope is that Frank D'Angelo has said he would like to buy the team and build an arena. But this could just be enough to get our hopes up before it falls through and the team moves....

Damn it, this pisses me off!!!!

***Update 2: Ahhhhhh!! It keeps getting worse, this doesn't look good to me.

****Update 3: When I first read this, I couldn't decide if it was a real letter or not!

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Beakerz said...

Sorry that this country is SO against gambling.

Oh wait, we have the Capital of legal gambling in this country. WTF?! Who cares if they wanna invest in a building a new stadium? Maybe they should try banning booze from being advertised and sold at these games. I mean really, which causes more damage?