Monday, December 11, 2006

A Long Weekend with some Mtn. Biking

I had a fabulous weekend of getting outside and hitting the trails. The weather was great, nice and clear, although a bit cool, but it warmed up a little more each day.

I had Friday off this weekend and I met a group from MORE up near Frederick MD at Greenbrier St. Park. When I got there it was about 30 degrees and there was a little bit of a breeze. There were 4 of us and were we all on time and didn't spend much time waiting around getting cold. We got ready and hit the trail to get that blood pumping. I had only ridden there briefly before, so it was nice to get a better sense of the place. We did two laps, but I am not sure how long they were. I think we rode for about 2 hours, which was just about right.

Then on Saturday I met a few people from the DC Tri Club and we had a nice ride at Fountainhead Park in VA. The weather was great and we had a good time on the ride. 2 out of the 4 of us had never been there before, so it was nice to be able to show them a new area to ride and give them a challenge to work on!

On Sunday I slept in a little bit, but after I woke up and saw how gorgeous the weather was, I decided that I had to go biking, so I headed out by myself to Wakefield Park in VA to do the race course loop a few times. I wanted to gauge my fitness, so I did a typical Wed. night race of 3 loops. I am lagging a little bit from where I was over the summer, but if I keep working at it, hopefully I'll be ready to go by then!

Throw in a few party's and the All-Holiday Blog Celebration and there you have my weekend!!

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