Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Training Recap

I started to get back on the training bandwagon when I was down in FL for Christmas. The weather was nice and I started biking and swimming consistently. I wasn't able to run because I hurt my shins in the Celtic Solstice 5-Miler race in the middle of Dec. Once I got back to DC, the weather was been pretty nice and I was able to get out mountain biking and I have been to the pool a number of times.

It has been a big help that I have not had my cute little doggies for the last month or so. That means that I can go to the gym straight from work and I don't have to go home and walk and feed them before working out. I do miss my cuties, but it sure has been good for my training! I am hoping to break the top 20 in my Wed. night races at Wakefield and I am hoping to drop my swim times a bit in my Xterra's. I am feeling good so far, especially in the pool. I have been trying to focus on that area a lot.

I just bought some new running shoes, so now I can try to work that back into my routine. All in all, my January has been a good training month and I hope to keep up the good work!!

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