Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Broom anyone??

I am going to the Penguins - Capitals game tonight at the phone booth. It is the last of 4 games that the two teams are playing this season. So far PGH is up 3-0. I have gone to 2 of those games and I am looking for the season sweep tonight!! Anyone have a broom that I can borrow?

This should be a pretty intense game. It is no surprise that the Pens and Caps don't get along, going back to being rivals in the Patrick division while I was growing up. You remember those years when the Pens won the cup back-to-back? Here is a good post from a rival Caps blogger, CapsChick, about the game tonight. The Pens are fighting for the division lead with the Devils, so this is an important game!!



CapsChick said...

Okay, okay, wave your little broom around. I opt for a bout of convenient amnesia...loss? What loss? Did the Caps even have a game last night?

*Sigh* There's always next year... ;)

DCSportsChick said...

You're getting excited over sweeping the Caps? That IS sad ;-)

Tyler said...

CapsChick and SportsChick - There was no broom waving going around last night... I like to think that I am a considerate opposing team fan. (I do root for the Caps when I go to games where the Pens aren't playing.)

I was mostly happy that we have officially made the playoffs, but that's it. And it did seem like there were a bunch of questionable calls by the refs, but I guess that's life.

Teen said...

Hope you had fun at the game!
Congrats on joining the playoff race. :) Devils fan here though.

Still, I am happy that you get to keep the Pens in the Burgh!