Friday, April 06, 2007

A Great Start!!

It was only the first series of the season.... but there was something great the showed through in the Pirates 3 game sweep of the Astros, in Houston. The Pirates are giving credit to confidence. It may be early, but to be on top of the division with 3 wins just feels good!! I understand how a good beginning of the season doesn't mean anything... I had season tickets 2 years ago when the Nationals started the first half really well and then fell off in the second half of the season.

But doesn't it just feel right to be optimistic about the season?? Just wait till LaRoche begins to fall into place as the clean-up hitter... How about when Freddy Sanchez, last year's batting champ, comes back? With the Penguins headed off into an intense playoff duel with the Ottawa Senators, the Pirates showing that they are ready to win, it is hard not to be optimistic and love the sports teams of Pittsburgh!!!

Let's Go Teams!!!

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