Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Number 87

Happy Birthday to Sidney Crosby!!!

It is 8/7, so that means that number 87 is moving on up in the world. He turns 20 years old today. Check out the Post-Gazette article for a list of all the great feats that he accomplished as a teenager.

Here's to seeing Sid the Kid in the # 87 black and gold jersey for many years to come!

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Anthony said...

Crosby, I think, has the potential to someday be considered one of the truly great ones.

I'm a old time Pens fan. Long before black and gold uniforms is something anyone could have imagined.

Have you visited the hockey hall of fame? The one disappointment was not seeing anything from Mario. Hopefully he'll eventually get around to that.

Enjoyed looking over your blog. Always pleased to run across a Pittsburgh fan. Whether it's on the street or on the web.

It's that time of year I'll be blogging sports again. No doubt. Truly, though, it' always only the amount of time between, not whether I will or not.

Hope you'll come visit The Lives and Times... when you have an opportunity. Perhaps we can do a link exchange.