Monday, January 07, 2008

Steelers 2007 Season

A lot has been written and said about the Steelers 2007 Season, so I will only add a few comments here and then move on.

I was at the game on Saturday with a few friends and it was a fun time, despite the outcome. The stadium was rocking in the 4th quarter and it was such a fun environment. However, right after the game, I made a comment that the Post Gazette echoed this morning. The playoff game was like a 60 minute highlight (lowlight) video of the season. It was a very fitting way for the season to end.

There are a lot of concerns that I have looking toward next year, especially with the grueling schedule that we have to play!! Overall I was happy with Tomlin's first season, but I think he has a bunch of lessons to learn from and a few coaches to fire before he can get the team to compete.

And lastly, if that was Faneca's last game as a Steeler, he will be missed.

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