Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moving and Shaking!!

The NHL trade deadline was yesterday at 3:00pm, in case you hadn't heard. And the Pens, specifically Ray Shero, (a St. Lawrence grad!) decided that he wanted to make a big statement. He traded away several popular players, a minor leaguer, and a number 1 draft choice, to get an excellent winger and goal scorer, and 1 other player, from the Atlanta Thrashers.

When I first heard this news, I was not very happy with the move! I was a fan of Colby Armstrong, even though he goes through big scoring droughts. I also thought Christenson was a good player too, with a good record in shoot outs. But the more I heard and thought about it, and despite the fact that it may change the chemistry of the team a bit, I think that it was a good trade for both teams.

Time will tell... If the Pens rally down the stretch and walk away with the conference and go deep (or all the way) towards the Cup, then we will know. However, I think a big part of this deal is the fact that we need to sign Hossa to a contract. We can not let him walk away in Free Agency after making a trade like this. But that's what makes things interesting! I hope that the team brings him into the fold quickly and that he meshes well.


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