Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Just walking the dogs...

I have not had my 2 cute dogs for the last 6 months or so, about the same amount of time that I have been ignoring this blog. It was a combination of things that lead to the dogs being out of my care for so long. The first was of course the trip to Hawaii. And as you can tell from my last post, I travel and have a lot of different things going on during the summer months. So my parents volunteered to keep the dogs for a while and use their former dog sitter while they were away. Imagine this, she is much cheaper there in Pittsburgh than any dog sitter down here in DC. Another reason for my parents keeping my dogs for so long was the renovation that I had going on in my house. It would have driven the dogs nuts with the workmen there all day.

My cute doggies

This past Thanksgiving weekend was when I was finally getting my dogs back. However, for the last 2 months I have not been dogless. As my friend Matt said in this post, I am doing a hero's job of caring for his dog Brodie, while he is in Iraq. Brodie is a cute little Westie, but like most dogs he has a little trouble streak. I started with him by leaving him in his cage. Then once I felt he was used to being in my house, I left him in my room. After not coming back to any destruction for a few weeks, I decided that he could stay in the living room/kitchen. He has been pretty good overall and only destroyed a few things, nothing too serious.

Brodie looking innocent

Now comes the fun part. As I mentioned before, this past Sunday, I brought all 3 of the dogs back to DC with me after Thanksgiving. When it is just my 2 dogs, they do a pretty good job of going for a walk together. They occasionally get their leashes crossed up, and tend to tangle when we approach other dogs. But otherwise, they walk about the same speed and sniff the same spots, etc. These last several days though, I have had to deal with 3 dogs. And let me tell you, I have probably been quite the sight!

Three leashes are very tough to deal with in many respects. They are constantly getting tangled up. With 2, I can fairly easily get them undone by twisting, but the 3rd one adds an exponential challenge! And that is just while we are putting them on in the house. Once we get outside, all hell breaks loose. Especially if there is a neighbor dog(s) around. As soon as we get walking, none of them want to go the same direction or smell the same areas. And I don't think you even want to get me started on dealing with them going to the bathroom! Do you know how easy it is to hold 3 leashes, hold a plastic bag, and find 3 different spots on the ground, all at the same time?? I'll give you a hint, not at all!!!

So, the next time that you see a guy being pulled in 3 different directions in Arlington, offer to help him out once in a while!

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