Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike to Work Day!!!

Today was my 3rd bike to work day!!! And it was a pretty nice morning. A bit humid, but better than the pouring rain we had 3 years ago! I have missed 2 of the past 5 years because I was either not working that day or because I was out of town. However, this is only the 2nd year that I decided to stop by one of the pit stops. This year, I believe, they added a pit stop at Nationals Park, which is right on my way to work, so it was perfect!

I left Shirlington, rode on the new 395 underpass, and headed to the Mount Vernon trail. From there I turned north and headed up past Gravelly Point to the 14th Street Bridge. From there I headed to the National Park stop. There was some food, drinks, a few speakers, some prizes, and music. There wasn't a huge turnout, but it was nice to see a few people out there.

They gave us a bike to work t-shirt and a water bottle, which of course are two things that I need really badly... (rolling eyes) I stayed for about 15 minutes and then thought I should head on to work, so I continued across the South Capitol Street bridge, through Annacostia Park, and up Good Hope Rd. Which is the big elevation gain on the route. At the top of the hill I turn left on Alabama Rd., and finally a left on Suitland Rd. Once I cross into MD, it's up another hill and then a right into the Suitland Federal Canter and I am at work. A nice 13 mile work-out, one way!

Here is a map of the route that I take to work.

I hope the rest of you guys get out there and spend some time on your bikes today, maybe even look into biking to work yourselves! It is great exercise, doesn't cost anything, and saves fuel! Check out WABA for some good information on Commuting!


Em said...

Yay for Bike to Work Day! My office is so close that I walk (1 1/2 blocks!) But I actually rode out, met a friend who works near me and rode in with her! Got my spiffy blue T-shirt, water bottle and a back blinky light ... without batteries!

Unknown said...

Seriously? Why did you even accept the water bottle and t-shirt!!!! I'm going to systematically start getting rid of them one by one. $100 buck says you don't notice until at least six months from now! Love you, babe! :)

Tyler said...

Em, I think that I could get used to that kind of commute! Did you go down to Freedom Plaza?

K, I couldn't say no! It's a cool blue color. And you can use the water bottle when we go riding!