Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picking it back up!!!

For whatever reason, this blog has been very empty for a while. Nevertheless, I am going to work on being more active! It is the summer, and I am definitely active physically, but I need to pick it back up on the writing front! So, I am sure that all of you (few) readers that I have were wondering what happened in the aftermath of the Stanley Cup with my Celebration Mustache. Those of you who haven't seen me since then, it is gone and I am back to my normal clean shaven face. I know you are very disappointed.

On to much more interesting things! Tonight marks the first football game of the new season. The Steelers aren't officially beginning their defense of the Superbowl, since it is the PRE-season, but it is a rematch of the game. I know that these games are mostly meaningless in terms of the actual competition, but I am excited to see a little bit of hitting!!! And to get a small glimpse of some of the off-season acquisitions, veteran and rookie.

Let's Go Steelers! Start the title defense early!

1 comment:

City Girl said...

Finally checking out *your* blog :). Love how devoted a Steelers and Penguins fan you are!

This is the first year that I'm watching all the preseason games. Seems like the Superbowl was so long ago.

PS You can pull the 'stache, but I bet the clean shaven look is even better!