Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why my blogging has died down...

Today is October 16th. Over 2 months ago I wrote a post, which you can see right below this one, on "Picking it back up." Boy was I wrong... 2 weeks later, I decided that I would write about why I think that I had slowed my writing of the blog down. I never actually wrote more than 2 sentences on that post. Here they are below:

"I am not making excuses for my lack of blog posts over the last several months, but I think that Twitter has killed my blogging. Why take the time to write a whole big long post about stuff when I can easily type a few phrases on my phone and send them out."

So anyway, I wanted to post an update to say that I am not sure where I am headed with this blog. I spend a lot more time updating Twitter or Facebook and reading lots of other blogs than I do worrying about my own blog. I am not so sure that I had many people actually "following" the blog, so it probably doesn't matter all that much.

I will make an attempt to post things here as well when I get some time. I actually started this blog to post race reports, and since I am not racing much this year. I also used it to post about trips that I had been on, but I haven't really organized many pictures from all the trips this summer. So, we'll consider it a work in progress.

Bye for now.
- Tyler


Anonymous said...

I can totally appreciate that Twitter has killed your blogging! I enjoy both your Tweets and posts!

Tyler said...

Thanks!! I'll try harder to keep the blogging up as well as the tweets.