Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bike Ride and Yards Park

I was fortunate to have yesterday off of work due to the Governments honor of our veterans.  I used the day to get a few things done for wedding planning, but since it was a gorgeous November day, I also went for a bike ride.  I am going to be doing a rotation for about 6 weeks at a different location for work, so I thought I would try several routes that I could use to bike to work.  I mapped them out on the computer and it looked like there were 2 options and they both were about the same distance.  One route crossed over the Potomac to the north and the other to the south.

I figured that I could make a nice 24 ish mile loop out of them and see which I liked better.  The north route is similar to a route that I used about 4 years ago, so I thought I would start with the south one.  This took me over the Wilson Bridge towards the National Harbor and then up through Oxon Hill Farm.  This was one area from the map that I was a little worried about, but it turned out to be a pretty good trail.  When I made it to my new work site, I was pretty happy with the south route.  I wasn't convinced that it was better than the north route though, so off I went to continue the second half of my loop. 

One thing that I forgot to bring with me was my government ID, so I couldn't follow the exact route that I was going to take north.  When I made it back home, I decided that the north route was probably going to be the best way for me to ride.  They both have advantages, and I may try them both, but I think the north one wins for best commuter route.

As I rode past Nationals Park, I decided that I would take a detour and head over to the newly opened Yards Park.  This is a great website, Near Southeast, with lots of information about the park (as well as all things Southeast!!)  It was such a nice day that I walked around and enjoyed this little spot on the Anacostia.  I took a bunch of pictures of the park.  I highly recommend that you take the time to go check it out!  It is a hidden gem along a neglected river.  The one thing that will make this park even better is if the city can work with the Navy to allow access all along the river up to the 11th Street bridges.  What a great boardwalk area that would be!

Fountain at the front of the park

The bridge in the park

The view of the light tower with the Navy Yard in the background

The view of the bridge with the fountan and waterfall in the background

The boardwalk looking towards the Navy Yard

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